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Leading the hybrid revolution:
shaping the future of cars.
Apart from being the world's first mass-production hybrid car, the Prius shaped a revolution in various ways including advanced design and powerful driving performance.
Evolving hybrid performance:
extending hybrid capabilities
Powered by the outstanding performance of its intelligent hybrid system, its 1.8-litre engine realises the acceleration performance of 2.4-litre class cars, yet delivering exceptional fuel efficiency.
The adoption of a reduction gear contributed to enabling a lightweight, compact form for the high output motor.
Expanding driving pleasure:
creating free-flowing performance
In addition to its environmental credentials and exceptional fuel efficiency, the Prius' free-flowing performance generates exhilaration, heightening your driving pleasure.
Utility and comfort
The Prius provides you with the functional and practical features and storage that handle, and the hybrid system can be started by simply accommodate the changing needs of an active lifestyle.
The Solar Ventilation System features a solar panel integrated on the moon roof, generating electricity and using it to ventilate inside the cabin while parked.

Thoughtful active and passive safety measures that integrate the use of advanced technologies, help assure the top level of safety in its class.
  • Airbags
  • Active Headrest
  • Crash Safety Body
SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) driver airbag, SRS front passenger airbag, SRS driver knee airbag, SRS side airbags, and SRS curtain shield airbags.
For specifications, please download the Prius brochure.